A Guide to Smart Trail Use

Each trail town is responsible for regulating use of the trail within its borders. The following guidelines are provided to encourage safe and enjoyable trail use without endangering others.

  • Ride, walk, jog and skate on the right and pass on the left. Alert others of your intent to pass using a bell, horn or your voice. When stopped, move off to the side of the trail.
  • Come to a complete stop at all road crossings. Use traffic control devices where available.
  • Never assume traffic will stop for you (it frequently won’t).
  • The speed limit on the trail is 12 mph.
  • All bicyclists are encouraged to wear protective headgear and brightly colored and/or reflective clothing.
  • Bicycle headlights and taillights increase your visibility and safety, even in daylight.
  • Make sure your bike or other equipment is in safe operating condition.
  • Keep dogs on a short leash. Clean up after your dog and take the waste with you.
  • The trail is open year-round for recreational use from dawn to dusk.
  • Report trail maintenance issues to the appropriate town.
  • Report accidents on the trail directly to police: 911. Be prepared to give your location using mile markers or road crossings.