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Farmington Canal Heritage Trail & Farmington River Trail

Welcome to the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail

Farmington River Trail Paving Project on West Street 
As of August 15th, the Town of Simsbury has been paving the Farmington River Trail located along West Street. The project spans from Hopmeadow Street to the Simsbury High School.
Please be aware that there will be areas of uneven pavement on the trail as work progresses. Those who utilize the trail should use caution when entering and exiting properties.
We are anticipating minimal disruptions to the public moving throughout the work area. Parking cars away from the trail and maintaining a safe distance from the crews working on this project, as well as their equipment, will enable completion of this work as quickly as possible.
Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


Simsbury Trail Maintenance - Canal Road to Avon Town Line

Cracks are being filled in to prevent freeze thaw damage on the trail.  This is the beginning of repair work to this section of trail that will also include bank stabilization, new stone dust and removing and replacing some sections of asphalt.  Parks & Recreation will be installing new fence when Public Works is done with the larger repairs. 


Let’s be careful out there!  
An out of state cyclist's summer vacation was ruined when a second cyclist, speeding around a blind curve, hit her so hard that she fell into a fence. The results were a broken collar bone and finger and a punctured lung. The victim required surgery for the collar bone, 14 stitches for lacerations and a cast. There is no excuse for speeding on the trail - especially around blind corners - when the trail is used by walkers, runners and children.   

Our multi-use trail needs to remain just that. It should be equally safe for bikers, babies in strollers and wheelchair rollers. Let’s be careful out there!  


Please Be Parking Lot Smart and Secure


Cars have been broken into in Trail parking lots. Please leave nothing visible in your car to tempt thieves. 


Have you ever wondered if your bike helmet fits properly?
Click here and be sure.

Be a Safe Trail User

Trail users have reported encounters with coyotes, bears and other wildlife on the trail.  Following the rules of the trail, including keeping your pet leashed and close to your person, will help you avoid unwelcome attention from wild animals, whose presence in our midst we respect, at a distance.

Click on each animal's name for information specifically relating to coyotes and black bears. 



Our mission is to build, maintain, beautify and connect off-road multi-use trails throughout central Connecticut communities.  


The trail is a linear park or greenway that begins in New Haven and wends its way 54 miles north to the Massachusetts border and beyond. It is championed by two groups: the Farmington Valley Trails Council, based in the Farmington Valley, and the Farmington Canal Rail-to-Trail Association, based in Hamden. This website represents both groups. Generally, the FVTC advocates for the northern half, and FCRTTA for the southern section in the state. The gaps in the trail have shrunk to the point that the trail is truly a single entity and so it seems fitting to merge our websites as our groups increasingly work together.    


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The Farmington Canal Rail-to-Trail Association and the Farmington Valley Trails Council. Inc. are CT 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporations advocating for multi-use "rails-to-trails" in central Connecticut.  We work tirelessly to "close the gaps" in the 85-mile Farmington Canal Heritage Trail, the 26-mile Farmington River Trail, and the designated CT East Coast Greenway system.  We help area towns fund trail construction, enhancements and ongoing maintenance.  We also provide educational materials, 20,000 folding maps a year, and events that promote safety and proper etiquette on the trail system.    We are only as strong as our members and volunteers...please get in touch and join us out on the trails!







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