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Be a Safe Trail User

Trail users have reported encounters with coyotes, bears and other wildlife on the trail.  Following the rules of the trail, including keeping your pet leashed and close to your person, will help you avoid unwelcome attention from wild animals, whose presence in our midst we respect, at a distance.

Click on each animal's name for information specifically relating to coyotes and black bears. 


Cheshire: Not Ready for Prime Time Use

The heavy lifting on the last section of Trail in Cheshire is done. Landscaping is now underway and may take a couple of months to complete as was the case on the two northern most sections in Cheshire. For now the final section is officially closed as final work is being done.


The New Farmington Bridge Across Route 6 is Open!


Trail Relocation behind Avon Town Offices
The developer for the Avon Village Center Project has agreed to relocate the segment of the Rails-to-Trails that is located directly behind the Town Offices.  The Town has long been interested in the relocation of this portion of the trail, as there are safety concerns regarding the existing configuration which requires pedestrians and cyclists to travel through the parking lot located behind Buildings 5, 6 and 7. This parking lot experiences significant daily vehicle traffic from Town Hall employees and visitors. Additionally, the Police Department often responds to emergency calls directly from this lot.
A graphic depicting the approximate locations of the existing and new trail routes is available here. The trail will be relocated slightly to the northeast of the existing route. In addition to the trail relocation, this project will include several new parking spaces in the Town Hall parking lot located behind Buildings 5, 6, and 7, providing some much needed additional parking for employees and visitors. Additional landscaping and trail lighting will be installed to create a safer, more aesthetically pleasing environment for users.  
The work is expected to begin the week of May 14th and is expected to be completed within eight to ten weeks. The Town is working closely with the developer to limit inconvenience and disruption to the public and to complete the project as quickly as possible.  Please be aware that this construction activity may involve the use of heavy equipment at times. The work will also involve some significant tree removal and excavation work. These activities have been approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission.
The developer has been asked to work with its contractor to ensure that the trail is open to users as much as possible during the construction period.  However, in the interest of safety, there will be some closures.  Signage will be placed along the trail to alert users of these closures.  In addition, visitors and employees will be directed to other Town Hall parking lots during this period.  
While there will be a temporary inconvenience associated with this project, we anticipate that this trail relocation project will ultimately provide a safer and more user friendly trail which will be an integral component of the new Avon Village Center development project.
Please call the Department of Planning and Community Development at (860) 409-4328 should you have further questions regarding the trail relocation project.


Our mission is to build, maintain, beautify and connect off-road multi-use trails throughout central Connecticut communities.  


The trail is a linear park or greenway that begins in New Haven and wends its way 54 miles north to the Massachusetts border and beyond. It is championed by two groups: the Farmington Valley Trails Council, based in the Farmington Valley, and the Farmington Canal Rail-to-Trail Association, based in Hamden. This website represents both groups. Generally, the FVTC advocates for the northern half, and FCRTTA for the southern section in the state. The gaps in the trail have shrunk to the point that the trail is truly a single entity and so it seems fitting to merge our websites as our groups increasingly work together.    


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The Farmington Canal Rail-to-Trail Association and the Farmington Valley Trails Council. Inc. are CT 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporations advocating for multi-use "rails-to-trails" in central Connecticut.  We work tirelessly to "close the gaps" in the 85-mile Farmington Canal Heritage Trail, the 26-mile Farmington River Trail, and the designated CT East Coast Greenway system.  We help area towns fund trail construction, enhancements and ongoing maintenance.  We also provide educational materials, 20,000 folding maps a year, and events that promote safety and proper etiquette on the trail system.    We are only as strong as our members and volunteers...please get in touch and join us out on the trails!







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