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Our mission is to build, maintain, beautify and connect off-road multi-use trails throughout central Connecticut communities.  



Yet another crash at the Rt 20 crossing.

Once more there was a collision between a cyclist and a car, this time at the Trail crossing on Rt 20.  Luckily the cyclist is fine - bruised but happy and fortunate that he was wearing a helmet. Even one collision is one too many but it seems like 2016-17 has seen an uptick. FVTC has been lobbying for increased safety measures. The Town leaders of East Granby have also been striving to get DOT to make the crossing safer. 

We finally have hope that there is going to be light. First Selectman Jim Hayden reports:

. . . it looks like the funding has been approved for a HAWK (activated solid red light). We expect final approval of the project within the next two months and then we'll go into design with hopefully a solution in place sometime next year.

My thanks to Connecticut DOT and Rep Tami Zawistowski who has been working on this with me for over two years.


The trail is a linear park or greenway that begins in New Haven and wends its way 54 miles north to the Massachusetts border and beyond. It is championed by two groups: the Farmington Valley Trails Council, based in the Farmington Valley, and the Farmington Canal Rail-to-Trail Association, based in Hamden. This website represents both groups. Generally, the FVTC advocates for the northern half, and FCRTTA for the southern section in the state. The gaps in the trail have shrunk to the point that the trail is truly a single entity and so it seems fitting to merge our websites as our groups increasingly work together.    


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The Farmington Canal Rail-to-Trail Association and the Farmington Valley Trails Council. Inc. are CT 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporations advocating for multi-use "rails-to-trails" in central Connecticut.  We work tirelessly to "close the gaps" in the 85-mile Farmington Canal Heritage Trail, the 26-mile Farmington River Trail, and the designated CT East Coast Greenway system.  We help area towns fund trail construction, enhancements and ongoing maintenance.  We also provide educational materials, 20,000 folding maps a year, and events that promote safety and proper etiquette on the trail system.    We are only as strong as our members and volunteers...please get in touch and join us out on the trails!







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